Please refer to this list prior to contacting us. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: I do not have any JPEGs of my work, will you accept slides?

No, we have moved to an online application form so you will need to submit work samples in a digital format.

Q: I need help with my online application, who should I contact?

Please contact, or if you have a technical issue you can contact Submittable via their online support page.

Q: I have my two references, do I need to get letters of recommendation from them?

No, letters of recommendation are not required; however, if you feel it will be helpful to your application, then you may choose to include them by uploading them as attachments to your Submittable application.

Q: I am a smoker, can I smoke?

Smoking is not permitted inside the buildings at Byrdcliffe. However, you may smoke outside 50 feet away from any building.

Q: What does the residency fee of $650 cover?

The $650 fee covers accommodations at the Villetta Inn or Eastover and use of a private studio space for the 4-week residency period. It also includes free laundry facilities.

Q: I am applying as a group, do I have to pay more than $40 USD to apply?

No, if you apply as a group you do not have to pay more than the $40 USD application fee. However, you must give us the contact info, resume, references, etc. of each person in your group. Once accepted, however, each member will have to pay the session fee.

Q: I have a small but well behaved dog, can I bring it?

No, pets are not permitted except for assist/guide animals.

Q: Can I bring my spouse/partner?

Spouses/partners are not allowed to stay during your residency unless they have submitted an application and been accepted as a resident. You are allowed one overnight guest during your stay.

Q: Do you get cell phone reception at Byrdcliffe?

Yes, however, depending on your carrier, there may be areas at Byrdcliffe that do not get a signal. We ask that residents refrain from using cell phones in the Villetta, Eastover or studios, so as not to disturb their fellow artists.

Q: Do you have a darkroom or other photography facilities?

No, The Center for Photography Woodstock has a darkroom and a digital photography workroom. You may want to contact them to make arrangements.

Q: Do you have a studio for printmakers?

No, The Woodstock School of Art has printmaking facilities as well as The Women’s Studio Workshop (in Rosendale, NY). Please contact them for rates and info.

Q: I am concerned about ticks and wildlife in the area, how do I prepare for my stay?

Unfortunately, ticks are prevalent in the Catskills. However, if you take precautions and check yourself for ticks, you should be safe. Tuck in your pants, wear long sleeves, and use a tick repellant spray. Contact the Ulster County Health Department for more info and helpful hints: 845.340.3150. Bears, raccoons, deer, mice, and other animals are part of Byrdcliffe. It’s best to observe animals and do not encourage them by feeding them or leaving food scraps. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has an informative website about living amongst black bears.

Q: Do you have an internet connection?

Yes, there is wifi in both Byrdcliffe’s residential buildings, the Villetta Inn and Eastover. The wifi reaches some visual arts and writing studios, but not all. There is no wifi in the ceramics area, White Pines or the composer’s studio.

Q: Do you have a computer and printer for residents to use?

Unfortunately no, there is no longer a computer or printer for residents to use. However, there are printing services in downtown Woodstock at Catskill Art & Office. Documents can be emailed to them for pickup.

Q: Do I need to bring a car?

No, you do not need to bring a vehicle, however it is helpful to have one. There are three trips to town weekly for residents without cars. Rides are also provided to the local walk-in doctor or hospital in emergency situations. For other trips, residents must need to make arrangements with a taxi service, of which there are several in town.

Q: I would like to make a contribution and/or become a member:

Super, it’s easy to do! Check out our membership and contribution page to do so.

Q: I understand the easiest way to get to Woodstock is by bus. What is the closest terminal/stop?

Trailways Bus 800.776.7548, stops in Woodstock. The bus stop is about 1.5 miles from the Byrdcliffe Art Colony. Ulster County Area Transit also has a local bus to Woodstock, call UCAT 845.340.3333 for more info and schedules. View a Map to the Byrdcliffe Art Colony.

Q: I am taking the train, what are the closest stations?

If you are arriving on Amtrak, its best to go to Rhinecliff, NY (RHI). If you are taking Metro North from NYC, you can get off at Poughkeepsie, NY. Ulster County Area Transit has a bus (Ulster–Poughkeepsie Link) that links the Poughkeepsie Train Station with the Rosendale Park and Ride. One could take either another UCAT bus to Woodstock, or the Trailways Bus. Call UCAT 845.340.3333 for more info and schedules or Trailways, 800.776.7548.

You are responsible for your own travel arrangements to and from the colony from the airport and train stations. If you are arriving at the Woodstock bus stop (Adirondack Pine Hill Trailways), contact the AIR Program Manager at before your arrival to arrange to be picked up.

Q: I am flying in, what are the best airports?

John F. Kennedy (JFK) in New York City; LaGuardia (LGA) in Queens/NYC, NY; and Newark (EWR) in Newark, NJ. Please check with your flight carriers.

Q: If I arrive by bus, can someone pick me up?

Yes, arrangements can be made for a Woodstock pick-up. Contact the AIR Program Manager at before your arrival to make plans.

Q: Is there an in-house chef?

No, there is no chef on staff. Residents must provide their own food and prepare their own meals, and of course, clean up afterwards. Group meals and clean up often occur.

Q: Where do I get groceries?

There are a few places to shop in Woodstock, such as Sunfrost, Cub Market 845.679.6569, Sunflower, Gallos 845.679.5113, and the Woodstock Meat Market 845.679.7917. There are supermarkets in neighboring West Hurley (Hurley Ridge Market 845.679.8121), Saugerties (Price Chopper), Town of Ulster (HannafordShopRiteAdams Fairacre Farms, and Aldi) and Uptown Kingston (Hannaford and Davenports Farms 845.334.9004). Plus there are Farmer’s Markets in WoodstockKingston, and Saugerties during the summer. UCAT has bus service to West Hurley, Saugerties, and Kingston.

The AIR Program Manager provides a weekly shopping trip for those without cars.

Q: Do I need to bring my own sheets and towels? What about toiletries?

No, we provide sheets and towels. There are laundry facilities on the premises. You must bring your own soap, shampoo, toothpaste, hair dryer, laundry detergent, etc.

Q: Is The Villetta Inn wheelchair accessible?

The Villetta Inn is ADA compliant.

Q: Are there bicycles at the Byrdcliffe Artist in Residence Program?

Yes, there are several bicycles at the Villetta Inn that can be borrowed for biking to and from town, but also for riding to the writing studios in White Pines and the ceramics studios at the Byrdcliffe Barn. Bikes can also be rented from Overlook Mountain Bikes or from Old Spokes Home (behind the Golden Notebook in town).

Q: Is there a pool or workout room?

No, sadly, there is no pool or workout room. There are plenty of places to hike and walk. There is a creek in town to go swim in. The local park in Woodstock, Andy Lee Field, has two tennis courts, a basketball court, two baseball diamonds, plus swings and a field for frisbee. There are several yoga (BlissShaktiYoga Monkey, and Euphoria) and pilates studios (The Moving Body) in town. 28 West Gym on Route 28 in West Hurley is about a 10 minute car ride from the Art Colony.