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The BYRDCLIFFE Kleinert/James Center for the Arts (36 Tinker Street, Woodstock) is one of the finest performance venues in the area. The superb acoustics and warm, intimate atmosphere attract a diverse array of musical talent.

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In celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the Woodstock music festival, the legendary rock/proto-punk band The Fugs will perform their farewell concert at the Byrdcliffe Barn on August 17, 2019. Formed in 1965 by poets Ed Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg, the Fugs are a wild mix of intellectual and raunchy counter-culturalism whose anthems include “Kill for Peace” and “CIA Man.” The current ensemble of the Fugs consists of Ed Sanders, leader and founder; Steve Taylor, vocals and guitars; Coby Batty, vocals and percussion; and Scott Petito, bass, keyboards, and other stringed instruments.

The Fugs will perform selections from their 50-plus years of songs and poems. In addition to Fugs classics will be their “Exorcism of the White House,” with the audience invited to chant along in the “Out, demons, out! Out, demons, out!” section. Read more

Concert Date and Time: Saturday, August 17, 8:00 pm; doors open at 7:30 pm
Location: Byrdcliffe Barn, 485 Upper Byrdcliffe Road, Woodstock, NY
Tickets: $30 general admission or $25 for Byrdcliffe members – please purchase your tickets online now!

The Fugs
Photo credit: photo on right by Chris Felver.

An Intertwinement of Arts, Industry, and Culture

This two-hour lecture will be presented by historian and filmmaker Stephen Blauweiss. A native of Manhattan and Hudson Valley resident since 1999, Blauweiss’ passion for arts, history, and storytelling guarantee an evening that will entertain and inform both natives and newcomers of all ages. Beginning in 1819, Blauweiss will lead the audience through a colorful history that extends from nineteenth century New York City and England to twentieth century Woodstock and its environs, covering key personalities, art movements, agriculture, industry, institutions, and aspects of American history that explore how Woodstock came to be – its history and what it represents today. The multimedia presentation will include over one hundred historic photographs and images, and screening of original short films by Blauweiss about Woodstock and its artists.

About Stephen Blauweiss: Stephen Blauweiss is an independent filmmaker focusing on art and education to social and environmental issues. He has produced over 75 short films, 3 features, and several music videos. A number of Blauweiss’s films have been screened in museums, exhibitions, and festivals across the US, Europe, and Canada, and he has received NYSCA and NEA grants. A native of New York City, he has over twenty years of experience with clients including The New York Times, PBS, and CBS TV. Blauweiss has taught for over 25 years, including a decade at Pratt Institute and FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). Blauweiss is co-director and co-producer of Lost Rondout: A Story of Urban Removal, a feature documentary chronicling how in the 1960s, federally funded urban renewal projects destroyed hundreds of working-class communities across America, including Kingston’s Rondout neighborhood. The film has been screened across the Hudson Valley, Albany and New York City, and received numerous awards.

Lecture Date and Time: Friday, October 4, 8:00 pm
Location: BYRDCLIFFE Kleinert/James Center for the Arts, 36 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY
Cost: $15 general admission or $13 for Byrdcliffe members – please purchase your tickets online now!

Stephen Blauweiss


Will Kaufman’s Woody Guthrie and “Old Man Trump” is a song-and-spoken-word “live documentary” telling the story of Guthrie’s battles against his racist Brooklyn landlord, Fred C. Trump, father of the United States president. Based on unpublished songs, letters, and notebooks that Will discovered in the Woody Guthrie Archives, the show brings to life all the anger and contempt that Guthrie felt for those in power who will deny justice to their fellow human beings on account of the color of their skin.

About Will Kaufman:
Singer and multi-instrumentalist Will Kaufman is widely regarded as the world’s leading authority on Woody Guthrie. He has written three books on the legendary balladeer: Woody Guthrie, American Radical (2011), Woody Guthrie’s Modern World Blues (2017), and Mapping Woody Guthrie (2019). Will’s day job is as Professor of American Literature and Culture at the University of Central Lancashire, England.

The Golden Notebook is partnering with the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild on this event and will have books by Will Kaufman for sale.

Concert Date and Time: Sunday, April 14, 4:00 pm
Location: BYRDCLIFFE Kleinert/James Center for the Arts, 36 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY
Tickets: $10 online or at the door (please only cash or check at the door)

Will Kaufman
Photo credit: Woody Guthrie photo on right by Robin Carson.


All 2019 Byrdcliffe arts programming is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.