Each Visual Artist is provided with a private art studio. Studios vary in size, however all have good, natural light, access to running water and a large worktable. There are easels and extra work surfaces for those who need it. Artists are advised to bring their own materials and tools, including power tools and a camera for documenting work, if necessary.

Ceramic Artists are provided with a private ceramics studio adjacent to the main ceramics workshop space. Studios have natural light, a large, ceramics work-surface, wheel and shelving. Byrdcliffe has an electric and gas kiln for residents’ use. Ceramic artists must be able to work independently, have prior experience in glaze mixing and kiln firing, and are asked to bring their own materials and tools, including clay tools, buckets, apron, etc. Please contact for further information about Byrdcliffe’s ceramics studio.

Composers are provided with a private studio called the Ice House, a converted outbuilding near the Byrdcliffe Barn. There is an upright Steinway piano in the Ice House. A short walk from the main residency buildings, the Ice House’s location allows for composers to work undisturbed. Byrdcliffe also has several performance spaces that may be utilized for informal presentations of works-in-progress.

Writers are provided with a private writing studio, either in White Pines or in one of the residency buildings. White Pines is a short distance walk from the Villetta Inn or Eastover. Some writers are given a larger room to serve as both their live and work accommodations. Writing studios contain the essentials – a worktable, comfortable chair and lighting. Most studios have wifi, although some studios are out of range. Writers must provide their own computer.


Each Artist in Residence is provided with a private room in one of Byrdcliffe’s residential buildings – the Villetta Inn or Eastover. Rooms are equipped with a twin bed and bedding, dresser, desk and lighting. There are coin operated laundry facilities on campus. Each building has a large living room, kitchen, and porch shared by all residents. Residents must provide their own food. At the Byrdcliffe Art Colony, there is also a hiking trail, tennis court and several event venues. Pets are not permitted except for assist/guide animals. See our Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) page for more info about your stay at the Art Colony.

The Villetta Inn and Eastover

The Villetta Inn and Eastover are the beautiful, spacious, and historic buildings where you will be living, working, creating, and inspiring yourself and others.

Eastover as seen from the front yard.

Eastover’s communal living room.

The Villetta Inn as seen from the Road.

The Villetta Inn’s communal dining room.

The Villetta Inn’s communal living room.

The Villetta Inn’s communal kitchen (photo courtesy of Melisa Tien).

Enjoy your summer here while at Byrdcliffe.

The Villetta Artist Studios
An example of an Artist’s Studio.

Artists can be highly productive during their stay.

Each studio is equipped with a small sink.

The Villetta Annex – several artist studios located next to each other behind the Villetta Inn.

The Villetta Inn and White Pines’ Writer Studios
Writers, playwrights, and poets can work in comfortable studios inside the Villetta Inn and White Pines.

An example of a writer’s studio.

Another example of a writer’s studio in White Pines.

The Ceramics Studios in the Byrdcliffe Barn
Ceramic residents each get a private ceramics studio adjacent to the main ceramics workshop space in the Byrdcliffe Barn.

An example of a ceramics studio.