Psych Out!!! Closing Tour

October 26, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
White Pines
454 Upper Byrdcliffe Road

On October 26, 2019 at 3:00 pm, artists in the outdoor exhibition PSYCH OUT!!! will take visitors on a tour of their work. The exhibition is on the grounds of White Pines, the Arts and Crafts home of Byrdcliffe’s founders Ralph and Jane Whitehead until 1929 and now part of the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild’s artist-in-residence program.

The exhibition celebrates psychedelic art with its many manifestations, including its origins and profound influence on artists and their works over the course of the last fifty years. The exhibition is guest-curated by architect Alan Baer, who is a former member of the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild exhibition committee. The exhibition commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the legendary Woodstock music festival: “An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music,” held August 15 to August 18, 1969.

Well-known painter and sculptor Isaac Abrams is a guest artist for the PSYCH OUT!!! exhibition. Other participating artists are: Leticia Bajuyo; Dorota Czerner, Russell Richardson, & Noah Creshevsky (team); Ujijji Davis; Nicole & Jon Goldman (team); Kate Hamilton; Pascal Knapp; Elizabeth Knowles & William Thielen (team); Ian Laughlin; Meg Brown Payson; Deliana Simeonova; Nadine Slowik; Naomi Teppich; Susan Togut; Kevin VanHentenryck; Gary Weisberg; and Ellen Wilkinson.

Isaac Abrams, whose New York City gallery Coda first exhibited psychedelic art in 1965, started making art in the psychedelic mode soon after the ground-breaking Coda exhibition. He and his body of work have been a focus of art historians ever since. Isaac is a self-taught pioneer who helped to define the movement itself. His unique style, incorporating imagery of dream-like and alternate states of reality, is the very embodiment of the core of psychedelic art. Abrams’s works have been exhibited at many museums including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Tate Gallery in Liverpool, The Centre Pompidou in Paris, and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. While Abrams’s medium is primarily painting, he has also done sculptural works over the years. The specific works included in the PSYCH OUT!!! exhibition have never been shown before. On August 24, Abrams gave a public lecture in conversation with well-known critic Carlo McCormick, who writes for Art in America, Art News, Artforum, and more, at the Byrdcliffe Theater.

While primarily an exhibition of sculpture, curator Alan Baer encouraged participants to include media works. Four media artists, including a collaborative team, are in the exhibition, along with artists who work in metal, stone, fabric, wood, and landscape art.

The exhibition continues through November 3, 2019.

Exhibition curator Alan Baer is an architect with exhibition design experience who served on the exhibition committee of the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild from 2006 to 2014. He helped to organize Guild events “Talking Tongues and other Organs” and “Linda Montano Endures as Bob Dylan on his 73rd Birthday.” He assisted curator Linda Weintraub with the exhibition Ahoy! Where Lies Henry Hudson? and curated Quick, Down & Dirty and The Sky is Falling! Baer also curated the Architects, Incognito, Anonymous exhibition at CAGE Gallery (Cincinnati Artists Group Effort). He maintains a private architectural practice in Kingston, NY.

Tour date and time: Saturday, October 26, 2019, 3:00 pm
Location: the lawn of White Pines, Byrdcliffe: 454 Upper Byrdcliffe Road, Woodstock NY 12498
Exhibition hours: sunrise to sunset daily.