Exhibition Proposals

Proposals are reviewed twice a year, in April and September, by the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild’s Exhibition Committee. Selection of work for Byrdcliffe’s two exhibition venues is made by a curator who has had a proposal approved by the Exhibition Committee. The curator may be an Exhibition Committee member or an outside guest. We accept curatorial submissions, reviewed by the committee, for complete shows. We do not review the work of individual artists.

Byrdcliffe Exhibition Committee:
Osi Audu, Byron Bell, Tina Bromberg, Jen Dragon, Gary Gissler, Paula Lalala, Eva Melas, Douglas Milford, Ed Sanders, Douglas Sheer, Melinda Stickney-Gibson, and Sylvia Leonard Wolf.

Exhibitions Director: Ursula Morgan

Proposals in a broad range of media are encouraged and should present work that engages questions of theoretical and critical relevance to contemporary artistic practice. Byrdcliffe presents one exhibition of historical art per year.

Curators of proposed exhibitions must fill out the downloadable proposal form and submit it with a resume/cv, and 10-15 images related to the proposed exhibition, to the address at the top of the form.

For further information or questions, please contact Exhibitions Director, Ursula Morgan: ursula@woodstockguild.orgĀ 


The Kleinert/James Center for the Arts // 36 Tinker Street, Woodstock

The Kleinert/James Center for the Arts hosts an average of 7 exhibitions per year, including a members’ show and our annual 5 by 7 show. The K/J comprises approximately 130 linear feet, which includes a stage elevated 3 stairs above the main gallery area. Exhibitions in the K/J are subject to the following size restrictions:

1. Any free-standing sculpture or other three-dimensional artwork must weigh less than 30 pounds and have a diameter of no more than 4 feet at its widest point.
2. Any free-standing sculpture or other three-dimensional artwork must be able to be easily moved by one person of average strength with no risk to the artwork itself, to other artworks, or to walls, floors, furnishings, or other possessions of the K/J.
3. No single exhibition can include more than 6 free-standing sculptures or other three-dimensional artwork of dimensions extending beyond one foot from the wall
4. Item #3 above does not apply to artworks that extend no more than one foot from the wall, in which case the quantity is unlimited within the parameters of the gallery space.

Exceptions to the above will be considered by the Exhibition Committee.