ARTBARN brings site-specific theatre performance "This is a Ghost House" to the Byrdcliffe Art Colony.
Event Date and Time: Sunday, May 25, 2014, 6:30 pm
Location: White Pines, Byrdcliffe Art Colony, 454 Upper Byrdcliffe Road, Woodstock

ARTBARN returns to the Byrdcliffe Art Colony on Sunday, May 25 to present This is a Ghost House, a new theater piece written by Melissa D Brown inspired by the notorious hoarders of Harlem, the Collyer brothers, the psychology of labyrinths, and the lengths we'll go to hide from ourselves. After their successful site-specific debut of Home Stretch, which was presented as part of the 2013 Byrdcliffe Festival of the Arts, ARTBARN is returning to Woodstock to create another one-time only performance piece with a unique audience experience. Instead of filing into a theatre and taking a seat in the darkness, director Jess K Smith invites audiences to explore a series of environments created by critically acclaimed NYC designer Deb O, follow the riveting performances of Dave Droxler, Joel Ripka, and Kathryn Van Meter, and even share in a meal between artists and audience curated by ARTBARN's chef, Kate Baker Linsley. Think of this as part theatre, part installation, part walking tour, and part meal. Smith writes, "We are thrilled to be creating this piece about the items and stories we collect while in residence at Byrdcliffe a colony filled to the brim with collected stories and artifacts." Come and explore how this team of artists transforms some of Woodstock's most historic spaces and reveals the stories they can hold. More information about This is a Ghost House.

Tickets: $25, includes performance and food.

ARTBARN is an artist collective committed to creating site-specific installation and performance events. The company gathers innovative artists from across disciplines and around the country together for a residency at the Byrdcliffe Art Colony. Their events create experiences that allow an audience to re-see a space, a story, a relationship, and themselves.