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The Byrdcliffe Shop features both established and emerging work from local artists, some of whom are either instructors or students of the many great classes at the Byrdcliffe Art Colony. The Byrdcliffe Shop specializes in work from local ceramic artists, jewelry designers, woodworkers, metalworkers, textile designers, glass blowers, and visual artists. We offer a wide range of their current work, and can often accept special custom orders. We can also ship any item anywhere in the world.


Friday-Sunday: 12:00 – 5:00 pm
Open President’s Day from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

May-June & September-November
Friday-Sunday: 12:00 – 5:00 pm
Open Memorial Day and Labor Day from 12:00 – 5:00 pm

July-August & December
Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun: 12:00 – 5:00 pm
Open July 4th Holiday from 12:00 am – 5:00 pm

Curbside scheduled through email only:


Browse a selection of exhibition catalogues and books by artists and curators who have collaborated with Byrdcliffe. All are available for purchase online or at the Byrdcliffe Shop.

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Michael Anchin – Glass Artist

Brinton Baker – Ceramic Artist

Meg Beaudoin – Ceramic Artist – click here to read an article about Meg in Ceramic Arts Daily

Miriam Bisceglia – Textile Designer

Susan Bogen – Ceramic Artist

Peter Kaj Brown – Woodworker

Katherine Burger – Paper Artist

Mercedes Cecilia – Fiber and Visual Artist

Sherri Cohen – Jewelry Designer

Rich Conti (Byrdcliffe Ceramics Program Manager) – Ceramic Artist

Joseph Cozad – Jewelry Designer

Megan Daly (Byrdcliffe Staff) – Ceramic Artist

Belinda DeCicco – Fiber Artist

Jane Ferriera – Paper Artist

Anya Ferring (Byrdcliffe Artist-in-Residence) – Fiber Artist

Lynn Francis – Paper Artist

Kristen Garnier – Herbarium Artist

Barbara Goodwin – Woodworker

Elissa Gore (Byrdcliffe Artist-in-Residence) – Visual Artist (original watercolors and prints)

Andrew Gray (Gray Works Design) – Woodworker

Nathan Gwirtz (Byrdcliffe Artist-in-Residence) – Ceramic Artist

Maya Hall – Ceramic Artist

Erik Halvorson – Glass Artist

Rebecca Horner – Ceramic Artist

Estyn Hulbert – Jewelry Designer

Karmabee – Visual Artist

Dennis Keidong – Woodworker

Mary LaCafe – Woodworker and Furniture Maker

Chorthip Lagnese – Jewelry Designer

Katie Love – Ceramic Artist

Robin “The Hammer” Ludwig (Byrdcliffe Faculty) – Jewelry Designer

Cheyenne Mallo – Ceramic Artist

Annie-hannah E. Mancini – Visual Artist (chapbooks, journals)

Sherry Masters – Fine Silver Jewelry

Katharine L. McKenna – Visual Artist and Author

Carol Monteleoni – Jewelry and Felt Artist

Lala Montoya – Ceramic Artist

Doug Navarra (Saint Remy Pottery) – Ceramic Artist

Meredith Nichols and Harry Kunhardt – Ceramic Artists

Astrid Nordness – Ceramic Artist

Lucille Nurkse – Collage Artist and Painter (cards)

Paige O’Toole – Ceramic Artist

Kimberly Ota (Byrdcliffe Artist-in-Residence) – Ceramic Artist

Alicia Peck, BellaMuse, Inc. (Byrdcliffe Artist-in-Residence) – Visual Artist (graphic design, prints, notecards)

Virginia Piazza – Ceramic Artist

Marilyn Price – Ceramic Artist

Lesley Reich (Pottery Mountain) – Ceramic Artist

Faye Richland – Visual Artist (gesture drawings)

Andrew Rouse – Ceramic Artist

Marysa Sacerdote – Jewelry Designer

Jessica Sandford – Ceramic Artist

Andrew Sartorius – Ceramic Artist

Laura Shabe – Visual Artist (cards)

Laura Shapiro – Woodworker

Bobby Sharp Glassworks – Blown Glass – Read a brief article about Bobby’s work here

Kaete Brittin Shaw – Ceramic Artist

Lora Shelley – Ceramic Artist and Painter

Ben Suga – Ceramic Artist

Samantha Taylor – Painter and environmental activist

Judd Weisberg – Woodworker

Norma Zotos – Jewelry Designer

Ron Zukor and Liz Horn – Jewelry Designers