On behalf of the Board, Staff and dedicated Volunteers                                                         
who contribute to our ongoing success, I would like to
share how your contributions to Byrdcliffe have supported
our mission of providing the Community with diverse
programming such as exhibitions, performances, classes
and artists residences, all while ensuring the safety for
those involved.





  •  Artists-in-Residence Program:  We welcomed back our monthly and seasonal artists and created a program for all arts colony residents to collaborate and share in monthly Open Studio events with the community.




  • Arts Colony Renovations:  Continuing our ‘New Focus on an Old Vision’, we completed a number of renovations.  The Byrdcliffe Theater Rehabilitation offers the newest technology for all programming/ events and the restoration of the Varenka Cottage, fully ADA compliant; both buildings are available now year round. Click here to view the slideshow.



  • Classes:  Rich Conti,  celebrating 25 years as our Ceramics Director, modified the studio so students could work safely in their own work-spaces while coming together to create.  Robin, The Hammer, Ludwig extended the season to accommodate more Jewelry / Metalworking classes.




  • Exhibitions:  Ursula Morgan and the Exhibitions Committee members were able to offer seven exhibitions welcoming familiar faces and new friends to the Kleinert/James Center for the Arts and Byrdcliffe Shop.



  • Byrdcliffe Forum Series:  Led by Doug Sheer, Staff and forum volunteers, held 10+ virtual events with a number of well-known artists, creators and other inspirational members of the art world.



None of this would have been possible without YOU!!


Our members are the backbone of the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild.  We are so grateful to you, our dedicated supporters, that we are able to Celebrate Byrdcliffe in this time of change and regrowth.   

Please make your contribution today; your financial support is greatly appreciated and never taken for granted. Every donation directly impacts our organization to ensure we preserve our history and protect our future.


With gratitude,

Catherine McNeal
President, Board of Directors