Annual Appeal

On behalf of the Board, Staff and dedicated Volunteers who contribute to our ongoing success, I would like to share how your contributions to Byrdcliffe have supported our mission of providing the Community with diverse programming such as exhibitions, performances, classes and artists residences, all while ensuring the safety for those involved.

2022 has been a year of tremendous momentum at Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild. On behalf of the Board, Staff and dedicated Volunteers who contribute to our ongoing success, we would like to share how your contributions continue to support Byrdcliffe’s mission of providing the community with a diverse program of exhibitions, performances, classes, workshops, and artist residencies.

At the Arts Colony, the Artists-in-Residence program, back in operation, welcomed over 70 artists and saw the expansion of winter residencies thanks to continued restoration/winterization efforts.

At Byrdcliffe’s Ceramic and Jewelry Studios, wheels and tools were in full use again with new programs planned for 2023.

At the Byrdcliffe Theater, 2022 marks the anniversary of year-round use, with new technology complimented by historic preservation.

At White Pines, SHELTER filled the grounds of the historic 1902 home of founders Ralph and Jane Whitehead. Newly initiated QR codes and google exhibition map saw engagement of over 8,000 individuals at this outdoor sculpture show.

At the Kleinert/James Center of the Arts, Arriving at Byrdcliffe: 1902 – 2022 celebrated the history and legacy of the Byrdcliffe Arts and Crafts colony over the course of one hundred twenty years, showcasing the connection between the Byrdcliffe of yesteryear and today.

None of this would have been possible without You!!

We are grateful to you, our dedicated supporters, in this time of change and regrowth. Please consider making your contribution today; your year-end financial support is greatly appreciated and is never taken for granted. Every donation directly impacts our organization to ensure we preserve our history and protect our future.

With gratitude,

Ursula Morgan
Executive Director

Catherine McNeal
President, Board of Director