Jewelry & Metalworking

The Arts and Crafts Movement and its idealistic philosophy, based on the synthesis of nature, love of craft, and simple living, was the genesis of the Byrdcliffe Colony and remains a living and growing component. The tradition and the future of education is alive and centered at the historic Byrdcliffe Arts Colony. 


The Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild offers an exciting program of spring, summer and fall courses and workshops in Metalwork and Jewelry design and creation. The Jewelry Studio is at 17 Whitehead Road, at the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony.

Enameling & Jewelry Class


Wednesdays, 2 – 5 pm
July 17 – August 21 (6 weeks)

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Saturdays, 2 – 5 pm
August 3 – September 7 (6 weeks)

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Discover traditional enameling techniques — Limoges, cloisonée (enclosures), and champlevé (raised field). True enameling is a method of coloring metal with fused glass, working at around 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. Much of what is called “enamel” is colored resin, which cures at room temperature, scratches easily and falls apart. Real enamels can last hundreds, even thousands of years.

To accomplish these techniques, a knowledge of basic jewelry-making is essential. We will cover forming, sawing, soldering and even a little raising as well as finishing and other jeweler’s skills. When you have accomplished your basic piece, whether it is a simple plate or a complex construction, it is time to create with color!

For those with a basic knowledge of techniques who want to add to their arsenal, we will explore chasing, enameling, and other complex techniques. Hinges, hasps, riveting and closures as well as box making. We will study findings like s-hooks, box clasps and prong baskets – when to make them and when to buy them. Prong setting offered.

A mix of levels encouraged; beginner to advanced jewelers welcome.

Maximum 6 students; proof of vaccination required.



Robin Ludwig

Jewelry & Metalworking Artist

Robin “The Hammer” Ludwig, first became interested in metalwork as a child, reading Norse myths and Tolkien. He began his studies in metal arts in 1967 at Goddard College, sometimes spending as much as 28 hours a week in the shop. His work has been covered in such varied publications as Creem, in Style, Details, High Times, New York Magazine and many others.

The Hammer’s work has appeared on stage, in movies and television, including in recent episodes of “30 Rock.” From 1987-1994 he worked almost exclusively for rocker Billy Idol, producing a panoply of any kingdom featured in five international video hits, most notably “Cradle of Love” and “Prodigal Blues.”

Always part of the music scene, The Hammer is well known as a blues performer. Check out his latest album, Robin the Hammer by Robin the Hammer, available on Apple Music, Spotify and all streaming platforms. More about The Hammer can be found at