2019 Jewelry and Metalwork Class Schedule

The Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild offers an exciting program of spring, summer and fall courses and workshops of study in Metalwork and Jewelry design and creation. The Jewelry Studio is located at 17 Whitehead Road in the Byrdcliffe Art Colony.

PRIVATE MASTER CLASSES with Robin Ludwig are available at an individual rate of $75 an hour, or $120 an hour for two students. An awesome gift, and a great way to introduce kids to jewelry! Contact to set up a private class.

Jewelry Class Enameling and Introduction to Basic Jewelry Skills – Robin “The Hammer” Ludwig

Saturdays: 2:00 – 5:00 pm (6-week class)
Session 1: April 13 – May 18
Session 2: May 25 – June 29
Session 3: July 6 – August 10
Session 4: August 24 – September 28
Session 5: October 5 – November 9 –> class cancelled!
Session 6: November 16 – December 21 –> class cancelled!

Price for class (6 weeks): $210 for Byrdcliffe members, $230 for not-yet members
Materials fee: $20 per student per 6-week class; students interested in doing enamel projects will also pay by the gram for enamel colors.
Description: This course will introduce students to traditional enameling techniques — Limoges, cloisonée (enclosures), and champlevé (raised field). True enameling is a method of coloring metal with fused glass, working at around 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of what is called “enamel” these days is actually colored resin, which cures at room temperature. It scratches easily, and falls apart eventually. Real enamels can last hundreds, even thousands of years.

In order to accomplish these techniques, a knowledge of basic jewelry-making is essential, so this class will be a good one for beginners. We will cover forming, sawing, soldering and even a little raising as well as finishing and other jeweler’s skills. When you have accomplished your basic piece, whether it is a simple plate or a complex construction, it is time to create with color!

Jewelry Class Intermediate-Advanced Jewelry – Robin “The Hammer” Ludwig

Wednesdays: 2:00 – 5:00 pm (6-week class)
Session 1: April 10 – May 15
Session 2: May 22 – June 26
Session 3: July 3 – August 7
Session 4: August 28 – October 2
Session 5: October 16 – November 20 –> class is full!
Session 6: December 4 – 18 (only 3 weeks)

Price for class (6 weeks): $210 for Byrdcliffe members, $230 for not-yet members; Materials fee: $20 per student for 6-week class
Price for class (3 weeks): $105 for Byrdcliffe members, $116 for not-yet members; Materials fee: $10 per student for 3-week class
Description: This series will be a little more freeform. It is for people with a basic knowledge of techniques who want to add to their arsenal. This is where we learn chasing, enameling, and other complex techniques. Hinges, hasps, riveting and closures will be covered, as well as box making. We will study findings like s-hooks, box clasps and prong baskets, and when to make them and when to buy them. Prong setting will be offered.

It will also be useful for advanced students who just need a weekly studio session with a troubleshooting advisor.

Pay your class fee online or call us at 845.679.2079 to pay over the phone with a credit card.


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NEW! Ornamental Chasing and Repoussé Workshop with Valentin Yotkov
Workshop date: Sunday, September 8, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm with a one-hour break for lunch (1:00 – 2:00 pm)
Workshop fee: $175 for members, $185 for not-yet-members; students will also need to purchase a few materials
Materials fee: $60 (includes tools students can take home for future use such as a chasing hammer and pitch bowl)

Description: The ancient metalsmithing techniques of chasing and repoussé are currently experiencing a rebirth among silversmiths, jewelry designers, and other artists of metalwork. C & R involves shaping and hammering metal to create beautiful low-relief designs.

This workshop is for people of all levels. Students will receive individual step-by-step instruction tailored to their personal level of experience and goals. There are several class projects to choose from—beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Students will be provided with the design, the chasing tools necessary to complete it, and a finished sample of each project to aid the learning process. Working on a class project is not mandatory. Students may bring their own designs and chasing tools.

The most important topics covered are: chasing tools and hammers (different shapes, sizes and applications); transferring the design to the metal; chasing professional quality lines; proper raising techniques; adding artistic finishing touches such as edging, beveling and texturing; studio safety; and how to design repoussé jewelry and hollow-ware like a pro.

We will also discuss tool-making: shaping, hardening, tempering, and polishing. Chasing tools will be available for purchase.

To view works executed by chasing and repoussé, visit

Lunch: There will be an an hour for lunch between 1:00 and 2:00 pm – a bag lunch is recommended, as timing may be tight for students to go into town and back to the studio on a busy summer Sunday in Woodstock.

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robin ludwig

valentin yotkov