April 29 - June 11, 2023

Artist-in-Residence Show

This year’s annual artists-in-residence exhibition, entitled “Reflections” highlights the work of both Cottage and Communal Residents of the 2022 year.

From ceramic pieces to video art to written word, the diverse practices of the artists lends itself to a multidisciplinary exhibition of work produced during or inspired by their stay at Byrdcliffe. In a world that prioritizes production, residency programs offer a place for artists to generate ideas, experiment at their own pace and, most of all, reflect on their practice. We are excited to offer a chance to view the work of these talented individuals and memorialize their work as a part of Byrdcliffe’s long and colorful history.

Exhibiting Artists: Malin Abrahamsson, Tyler Allen, Kerri Ammirata, Austen Camille, Jesse Capozzi, Ari Chaves, Sarah Crofts, Melissa Foss, Peter Fulop, Skye Gilkerson, David Greenwood, Tristan Higginbotham, Sarah House, Karen Hudes, Nancy Y. Kim, Morgan King, Raghubir Kintisch, Ariana Kolins, Veronica Lawlor, Cecilia Lu, Weihui Lu, Danny Lulu, Julia Maisel-Berick, Colin McEachran, Eliza McKenna, Amalya Mergerman, Maurice Moore, Jesse Moy, Simona Prives, Zack Rafuls, Fionn Reilly, Allison Roberts, Omar E. Saad, Katharine Spilker, Noah S. Thompson, Ana Weider-Blank, Rochelle Voyles and Alex Younger.


About Byrdcliffe’s Artist Residency Program:

As one of the oldest continuously run artist colonies in the United States, each year Byrdcliffe gives artists of all disciplines the opportunity to live and create in the picturesque Woodstock, New York whose beauty drew Ralph Radcliffe Whitehead to found Byrdcliffe 120 years ago. The Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild provides several year-round opportunities in the cottages, where artists can devote themselves to their practice for three months or more. Cottages function as both residential and studio spaces and are spread throughout the property, each with their own unique character and history. During the summer, Byrdcliffe runs four month-long communal residencies. Residents live across two spaces, The Villetta Inn and Eastover, which allows them to forge connections with other artists, while having their own studio space to retreat to. Creating community is essential to the residency’s mission and Byrdcliffe facilitates practice shares, excursions to local art centers, and community dinners to foster an environment that supports strong interpersonal relationships. Each communal session culminates in an Open Studio event to celebrate the end of their stay where the public is invited into their space.

Images, 2022 artist residency studio views.