January 14 – February 26, 2023

One on One: A Survey of Contemporary Monotypes & Monoprints

Curator, Jen Dragon

One on One: A Survey of Contemporary Monotypes and Monoprints is dedicated to the art of singular printmaking. Although the original purpose of the printing process has been to share information through the production of multiples, monotypes and monoprints contradict this historic function and are presented as unique artworks. From the direct painting on panels or the inking of objects transferred to paper through a mechanical press, to hand-rolling on silk fabric and other alternative surfaces, contemporary artists exploring the monoprint making practice are attracted to the possibilities of pigment transfer, image reversal and the rich color saturation offered by the medium. This capacity for surprise and spontaneity makes monotype printmaking both a creative stimulus for an artist’s practice as well as an end unto itself. 

The 26 artists participating in One on One are: Gregory Amenoff, Zoe Anderson, Christine Beneman, Gregory Crane, Ford Crull, Peggy Cyphers, Maxine Davidowitz, Katie de Groot, Mary Anne Erickson, MB Flanders, Deborah Freedman, Randy Garber, Michel Goldberg, Jane Goldman, Brandon Graving, Judy Haberl, Catherine Howe, Catherine Kernan, Jennifer Marshall, Kate McGloughlin, Debra Olin, Eileen M. Power, Wendy Prellwitz, Susanna Ronner, Rhoda Rosenberg and Joanne Simon.