June 5 – October 23, 2022


Organized by Melinda Stickney-Gibson

The exhibition’s premise is the idea of shelter, which has become particularly relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic, but is a basic need not only for humans, but animals, birds, insects, indeed all living organisms, and the endless ingenuity shown in the building of shelter. Several artists have been invited to make site specific temporary structures, while others will exhibit work that reference not only the materials used in building shelter, but also the psychological/emotional facets of shelter. 

Participating artists include Michael Asbill and Michael Fortenberry, Dan Devine, Erika DeVries, Stuart Farmery, Tristan Fitch, Mimi Graminski, Jared Handelsman, Jan Harrison and Alan Baer, Wendy Klemperer, Ian Laughlin, Alison McNulty, Eileen Power, Hudson Valley Bee Habitat, Julian Rose, Suzy Sureck, and Christina Tenaglia.

SHELTER was on view, dawn to dusk, at Byrdcliffe’s historic White Pines property.