Friday, May 19th 3:00 pm

Byrdcliffe Members
Museum Tour

The Historic Woodstock Art Colony:
The Arthur A. Anderson Collection
 at the Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz 

Long before the music festival in 1969 made Woodstock, New York, famous, it was home to what is considered America’s first intentionally created, year-round arts colony—founded in 1902 and still thriving more than 100 years later. Collecting the remarkable range of work produced there was Anderson’s focus for three decades, resulting in the largest comprehensive assemblage of its type. The artists represented in it reflect the diversity of those who came to Woodstock, including Birge Harrison, Konrad Cramer, George Bellows, Eugene Speicher, Peggy Bacon, Rolph Scarlett and Yasuo Kuniyoshi, among many others. 

In honor of the Woodstock story beginning when the artists’ colony called Byrdcliffe was established in 1902, current members of Byrdcliffe are invited to join museum educator, Zachary Bowman, on Friday, May 19th at 3 pm at the Dorsky Museum of Art for a private tour of The Historic Woodstock Art Colony: The Arthur A. Anderson Collection. Hear stories about the creation of this unique collection and how Byrdcliffe plays a central role. To learn more about the exhibition, click on the link below.

This event is FREE and open to Members only!
Pre-registration is required, tour limited to 20 attendees.
To register, contact Operations Manager, Gabriella Kirby | 845.679.2079 
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