June 18 – July 31, 2022

Instruments of Light

Curator, Doug Milford

Always fascinated by the minimal and the maximal of cinema, in this exhibition, Tessa Hughes-Freeland breaks down some of the elements of filmmaking and its physical materials through methods and techniques that she incorporates into expanded cinema performances that have always been a key part of her practice. Using projection machines as instruments of light along with a physical and immediate involvement with original and found materials she creates a personal symbolic language and aleatory iconography created by the manipulation of captured light and shadow.

Known for her contributions to the Cinema of Transgression movement, this exhibition includes a variety of cinematic sculptural objects including various instruments of light, modified film equipment as well as films and installation. Seeking a tactile engagement with film, and often using unusual materials, Tessa Hughes-Freeland has been working with direct and handmade film and slides combined with original footage which she then integrates and layers into the film.