June 24 – August 6, 2023

SELF: Portraits + Places

Works by Brenda Goodman, Julie Heffernan, and Elisa Jensen 

(Melinda Stickney-Gibson, curator)

The premise for this exhibition is the notion of “self” as reflected in the work of three artists who investigate the idea of “self” in very different ways, but with depth, honesty, and a virtuoso command of painting.

BRENDA GOODMAN’s self-portraits are unflinchingly honest narratives on “self”; there’s no sugar coating her view of what it is to be an artist telling her own personal, unromanticized truths. www.brendagoodman.com

JULIE HEFFERNAN’s paintings are extremely detailed, intricate, allegorical paintings reflecting environmental concerns with her self-portrait standing in as representative for all of us in today’s world. They are gorgeous and impressive at first look, but the more thoughtfully and carefully viewed become searingly beautiful indictments on our world. www.julieheffernan.net

ELISA JENSEN makes small, quiet, moody paintings of interiors, intimate views of corners of gardens, or seemingly unremarkable (but telling) views from an apartment window. It is their intimacy that reflects “self”; these are not grand pictures, but thoughtful reflections in simple everyday moments. “Self” reflection as evidenced in all of our homes; the objects we choose to live with, how we place them, what they mean to us, and how they represent who we believe we are. www.elisajensen.com